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October 6-8, 2006
Airport Marriott Hotel
St. Louis, Missouri

As always, we had a great time with over 94 C 2/5 Cav vets on hand - and that's not counting the wives, girlfriends and family members.  Even more amazing was the fact that over 37 of the men were FNGs - this was their first time to come to a C 2/5 reunion.

Cheryl Duran has put together a place on the web with photos contributed by many of us who were there.  Click here.

Lest We Forget

Once again, the Place of Honor at the banquet was set for the C 2/5 Cav troopers who didn't come home.  A moment of silence for them was observed after all the items had been placed on the table.  Nobody knows the cost of war more than a soldier.

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Thanx, Tree

We all owe a huge debt of thanks to Jim "Tree" Machin and his bride Laura.  These two are responsible for all of the four reunions we have had since 2000 in Atlanta.  They were getting a little punchy from overwork and little sleep when this photo was taken.

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Sharing Old Times


Most of the days were spent talking - catching up on old ties, who went where on R&R, the night our squad got hit real hard, or laughing over who escaped the First Sergeant's work details when we came in to an LZ or a major base.  

Top:  The guys from the 1967 era swap stories. 
Second:  Another group form the 1969-70 era have their own stories to tell.  
Third:  Some times the groups were together.  "Early" guys from 1965 look over some material while one the "last" guys from 1972 looks too.  
Bottom:  We all signed the banner and found it was a good way to connect with each other.

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The Banquet

The last night at the brought us all together for a dinner and more sharing.  Wives and sweethearts joined us as we shared more stories and friendship.

From the upper left:

The ballroom was filled with C 2/5 Cav troopers and families. 

We had a chance to take a group photo, though it was like herding cats to get everybody together.

We were privileged to watch retired Sergeant Major Edgar Irizarry, who was a squad leader in 1965 with C 2/5, and his former Commanding Officer in 1965, retired Colonel Ed Boyt pin on the new E7 stripes for SGM Irizarry's daughter, SFC Gaut.

After dinner, we all retired to the hospitality room where we were served by all the former officers of the company who were at a reunion for the first time, including retired Colonel Jerry Burcham who commanded the 2nd Battalion 5th Cavalry in 1969.

As the evening drew to a close, we remembered how privileged we are to be living in the United States, where we are free.  Singing along with "God Bless the USA", we held candles aloft for those who gave their lives for their country.

We stayed afterwards for more sharing - and looking at the names of those Tree has found or is looking for - and vow to bring even more to the next reunion.

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Updated June 21, 2007